How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast
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How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast


How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast. Double chin is basically the accumulation of submental fat below your chin. Double chin is associated with weight gain. The double chin becomes more prominent with time if you don’t take care of it. Double chin looks so bad that it will affect your confidence.

How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast

Causes of a double chin:

There are different factors that become the reason for double chin. Some of them are as follows:


As you age, your skin loses the elasticity and results in the double chin and your skin becomes saggy and dull.


Weight is also one of the main reasons behind the double chin. When you overweight the submental fat starts increasing and results in the formation of a layer of fat below your chin.


Double chin is more evident in those with a family history of the double chin.

There are some easy remedies that you can try at your home to get rid of the double chin.

Egg white:

Eggs are rich in proteins and are very beneficial for the skin. It nourishes the skin and tightens the pores.


  • Egg
  • honey
  • milk
  • lemon juice.


  • Take an egg and separate egg white from the yolk.
  • Beat the egg white and mix 1 tbsp of milk, honey, and lemon juice each.
  • Apply this mask on your double chin area and neck.
  • Leave this mask to dry for 20 to 30 mints.

Now wash your face with water.

Use this mask daily for a good result

How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast


Massage does wonders for your skin. It helps the blood in circulation and helps in getting rid of all the fats of your double chin. You can use the oil directly for massage.

Vitamin E:

Vitamins are considered essential for skin. Vitamin E dissolves fat. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. It keeps your skin moisturized to make you look youthful and beautiful.


Vitamin E capsule


  • Take 3 capsules of vitamin E.
  • Extract the oil from each capsule.
  • Apply this oil on your jaws and below the chin before going to bed.

You can use this oil daily before going to bed.

How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast With Exercises :

There are several exercises that help to lose your double chin. Make sure to do these exercises daily for effective results.

Side neck stretch:

Sit straight and stretch your neck on either side. It helps to reduce the fat of your lower chin. Do it 10 times on each side.

Stretch tongue:

Look straight and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Now stretch your tongue upward toward the nose and downwards. Stretch your tongue for 15 secs.

Straight jaw jut:

Sit straight and upward towards the ceiling and stretch your lower jaw. Stretch your jaw for 15 secs and relax your jaw. Do this exercise daily for visible results.

Ball Exercise:

Take a 10-inch ball and place it under your chin. Now push your chin against the ball. Repeat this 25 to 30 times daily for effective results.

There are different treatments for a double chin that include:

  • Lipolysis
  • Mesotherapy

How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast